Catalyst GradePage Released

UW-IT, in cooperation with the Office of the Registrar, has developed a new process that streamlines online grade submission for all instructors currently using the paper Opscan Faculty Grade Reports ("bubble sheets").

Catalyst GradePage simplifies the process of submitting final grades online and will be available beginning July 14, 2011.

Why the change?

The paper FGRs, along with the aging and expensive infrastructure for processing them, were retired at the end of Spring quarter.

While online grade submission has been optionally available via Catalyst GradeBook since Winter 2009, instructors will now be required to submit grades online either through GradeBook or GradePage.

Does it affect me?

If you use Catalyst GradeBook to submit grades, you will not need to change. In fact, the Office of the Registrar advises that submitting grades via GradeBook is the preferred method and they encourage all faculty to continue using GradeBook to submit grades at the end of each quarter. GradeBook can also be used to keep track of grades throughout the quarter and to calculate final grades. Learn more about GradeBook.

On the other hand, if you have used exclusively paper Opscan FGRs ("bubble sheets") to submit grades, then the Opscan retirement will affect you.

The Opscan system was retired at the end of Spring quarter 2011. Grading through GradePage open for Summer quarter 2011 on July 14. Learn more about GradePage

What exactly is this new tool?

Building on the same technology found in GradeBook, GradePage allows faculty who don’t use GradeBook to submit final grades online by going straight to GradePage from the “My Class Resources” section in MyUW.

New Grade Submission Tool Screenshot


Using Catalyst GradePage, faculty will be able to:

  • View all their courses that are available to grade
  • See how many grades have been submitted and how many are left to submit
  • Review grades before submission
  • View confirmation of submitted grades
  • View grades submitted online for current quarter and previous quarters

More information regarding this change will be sent to all faculty and department grading contacts during Summer quarter, and training is available for those who seek additional information or support.


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