Student Technology Fair & Open House

Technology Fair

Join UW Information Technology at the annual Student Technology Fair & Open House on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 from 12:00 to 4:00PM in the Odegaard Undergraduate Library where you'll have the chance to:

  • Meet representatives from Adobe, Apple, AT&T Wireless, CDW-G, Google, Microsoft, Sony Style, T-Mobile, and the University Bookstore.
  • Learn about technology offered by the Catalyst Web Tools, Libraries Media Center, UW Police Department, and the UW Student Technology Fee.
  • See the latest technology additions and upgrades in the Odegaard Learning Commons, including an all-new Digital Audio Workstation and improved Collaboration Studios.
  • Learn more about what is coming from UW Information Technology by attending a presentation:


Technology Fads vs. Fundamental Shifts
Terry Gray, Associate Vice President of UW Information Technology
Wednesday, September 29

Odegaard Room 220

Is social networking a fad?  What about cloud computing or Google Wave? What is the "pet rock" of IT? In this session, Terry Gray will lead a discussion of IT evolution and revolution, exploring fads, recurring cycles, and exponential changes that are fundamental to understanding the information technology landscape. Audience members will be encouraged to share their own favorite examples!

Dr. Gray is Associate Vice President for Technology Strategy and Chief Technology Architect of UW Information Technology (UW-IT). He is also an Affiliate Professor in UW's Computer Science & Engineering department.

IT Student Strategy Update

Kelli Trosvig, Interim Vice President and Vice Provost, UW Information Technology
Wednesday, September 29

Odegaard Room 220

Students want (and deserve) technology that operates seamlessly across the campus. How do we at the UW build an IT strategy to support students in their academic success and position them for lifelong learning? How do we align autonomous units at the university to provide a seamless technology experience for students? Last year faculty, staff, and students produced UW’s first IT Strategy for Students, which identified students’ top IT needs. Some of the areas identified in this report include: enhanced Wi-Fi access, improved classroom technologies, better library research tools, and on-line tools for course management that are easy to use. Kelli’s session reviews the findings of this report, and explores how UW-IT is aligning their offerings to augment the technology experience for those at the university.

Kelli Trosvig is the Interim Vice President and Vice Provost for Information Technology at the University of Washington.

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