*UPDATE* Google Sites Hub Released

UPDATE: Google Sites Hub Released

UW-IT has released a campus-wide online portfolio solution -- the "Google Sites Hub" -- in Catalyst CommonView. This solution enables instructors and students to build and share rich electronic portfolios using the Google Sites page creation tools, and helps instructors to manage the process through the Catalyst Web Tools.

A Google Sites Hub in CommonView lets you:

  • provide students with instructions for creating an online Portfolio
  • provide an example, scaffold, or template that students can use as the basis for their e-portfolios
  • collect links for student e-portfolios
  • navigate to and view student e-portfolios
  • track timely student submission of links to e-portfolios
  • facilitate peer feedback and sharing of student e-portfolios

Learn how to Add and Edit a Google Sites Hub to your CommonView workspace.

Below are illustrations of the Google Sites Hub functionality.

Create a Google Sites Hub

Create a Google Sites Hub in CommonView

Choose options, including copy an example site, submission deadline

Allow students to copy an example site, submit a link, and view other submitted sites

Student submits Google Site in CommonView

Student view of Google Sites Hub in CommonView

Instructor view of submitted sites

Instructor view of submitted sites

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