New CommonView Developments

Based on the original usability study sessions held while developing CommonView, in addition to user feedback received since people began working with CommonView, we knew we had met the general need on campus for a simple way to organize content for classes and project groups. Through further gathering of feedback, we found that a number of new features would enhance the user experience of CommonView. Listening to your feedback, the following new CommonView features have been designed and released.

  • Google Calendar - CommonView now supports Google Calendar, which can be displayed in Weekly, Monthly, and Agenda Views.
  • RSS feeds - Users can add RSS feeds to their CommonView sites and adjust the number and length of stories displayed.
  • In-line Editing - Many users expressed frustration with the editing process in CommonView. Now, instead of opening up new pages/windows, Views can be edited using a simplified in-line procedure.
  • Grouping Multiple Files - Instead of adding a new panel for each file, files can now be grouped together and given a common title and description.
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