CommonView Update Released

Changes to CommonView released Wednesday, April 21st improve the process of creating and editing content in your workspace. What participants see will not be affected by these changes.

Updates to CommonView include the following:

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  • Adding and editing content in place, without going to a new page. Simply click on the title or description to edit it, or click "Edit" next to Rich Text (general content), Files, Links, or Google Calendars.
  • Grouping multiple files in one content item. To provide better context and information about files, and have them take up less space in the workspace, you can add multiple files in a single item, provide a title and description, and choose large or small file icons.
  • Add RSS feeds to your workspace. You can subscribe to and display notification feeds and content updates from other Web sites directly in your workspace. Choose to display between 1 and 100 stories from the RSS feed, and how much of each story is included.
  • Choose a default view for your Google calendar. Now you can select to display the calendar by week, month, or as an agenda.

Please note that existing files in your workspaces will still be displayed as one file in each content item. To group different files together into a single content item, upload the desired original files to one content item following these instructions.

For step-by-step instructions about adding and editing content in CommonView workspaces, please visit the CommonView Help Center.

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