Make your Class Workspace Public, and Other Easy Ways to Manage your Class Online With Catalyst Tools

LST has been busy in 2009 making a simpler, richer online course management experience. With the new account page and updates to CommonView, you can create a workspace for your class and put class materials online quickly, receive notifications of deadlines and new activity, and integrate with Google and YouTube. GradeBook now lets you import OEA Scorepak and WebQ scores and submit final course grades online. Deeper integration with campus systems brings student photos into Catalyst Tools, more current and complete class lists, and switching to shared accounts without logging out of your personal UW NetID account. The new account page now wraps all of this for easy, customizable access.

What's next? On October 21st, you can make your CommonView workspaces available to the general public--no UW NetID needed. Later in the Fall, we will add finer grained control over public access to your workspace content. Be sure to try out the new feature, and send your feedback to

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