Catalyst Tools Sport a New Look

SimpleSite, Portfolio, and Portfolio Project Builder all received a cosmetic update. These tools now share the "blue slash" graphic look that ShareSpaces, WebQ, UMail and the Account page all use. This is part of our ongoing effort to make the tools more consistent.

We have made the following upgrades to the navigation:

  • You can now click the tool name graphic to get to the tool home page.
  • We added "Your account" and "Exit Web Tools" links in all tools.
  • The URL in SimpleSite was moved from the upper right corner to the left top.
  • In SimpleSite, the three key buttons (New page, Upload file, and New folder) are no longer in the gray bar, but still in same general location.
  • We have added some useful breadcrumbing in SimpleSite. It appears at the top of the page when using options from the main menu such as "Edit stylesheets".
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