Collect It Update

On January 2nd, Catalyst will release an update to Collect It, the file dropbox tool that makes it easy to collect files and assignments online.

What changes will you see?

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The dropbox homepage has undergone a functional and visual update. This overview of participant activity now includes new icons to indicate late and on-time file submissions in addition to comments. Activity on the dropbox since your last visit is highlighted with “New!” in the corresponding assignment cell.

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Collect It’s management options have been reorganized onto one page. The new Manage page provides a portal to everything you need to maintain a Collect It dropbox and its assignments, including an overview of all current settings. Know what you need to, right away.

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Collect It assignments can now be reordered by simply dragging and dropping them into place. This feature allows you rearrange the order of assignments as you want them to appear to dropbox participants.

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