SpaceScout FAQ

What is SpaceScoutâ„¢?

  • SpaceScout is an application designed to help students at the University of Washington find campus study spaces that meet specific criteria. It is currently available as a native iOS application and as a mobile-optimized web application that can be accessed from any desktop computer or mobile device. The app is a response to feedback from students about the difficulty of finding available study spaces that meet their needs.

    Currently, the app includes over 200 spaces in 26 buildings that span the UW-Seattle campus north to south and east to west. With building renovations, remodels, and upgrades continually changing the landscape of learning resources on campus, SpaceScout provides a single place to go for up-to-date information on spaces that can help students accomplish their work.

Who built it?

  • SpaceScout was developed by UW Information Technology in collaboration with UW Libraries, Housing and Food Services, and UW Computing Directors, and funded in part by the Student Technology Fee Committee.

When was it released?

  • SpaceScout was released to UW Seattle as a native iOS application in August 2012, and as a web application designed for use on desktop computers or mobile devices in October 2012. UW Tacoma spaces were added in June 2013, and UW Bothell spaces will be added during the 2013-2014 school year.

What's next for SpaceScout?

  • We have many new features planned!
    • Integration with LabStats software will allow students to see real-time availability status of computers at labs on the UW Seattle campus.
    • Crowd-sourcing features will allow students to rate and comment on spaces, and suggest new spaces.
    • Improved collaboration features will let students invite classmates to a space and email space details and location to others.
    • By logging in, students will be able to save favorite spaces across devices, save frequently-used filter settings, and see spaces available to a specific group (such as spaces only for students in a specific department).

Is SpaceScout open source?

  • Yes, all components of SpaceScout are available on GitHub. See our GitHub Page for more information on the open source project.

Using SpaceScout

Can I reserve a room using SpaceScout?

  • Not at this time. Some spaces can be reserved via the space owner's website or by emailing the space owner. When you are viewing a space that can be reserved, you'll find information on how to do so in the space details screen.

I have an idea for a new feature. Or, I have an idea for another possible use for SpaceScout. Can I tell you about it?

  • Great! Please send email to to let us know what else you'd like to see!

Something is wrong with the information about a space. Or, something is wrong with the space itself. What do I do?

  • Email us at to let us know the problem, or use the "report a problem with this space" button or link at the bottom of the space details screen.

Can I suggest spaces to add?

I am a space owner -- how can I remove my spaces from the app if I don't want them in there?

Last modified: February 3, 2014