UW Event Calendar

The central UW Calendar of Events for all campus public events and departmental calendars (including academic, schools, colleges, and other groups) works on a calendaring system called Trumba. This system provides an excellent mobile experience, clean user interface, event registration, and the ability to embed calendars into websites. Most significantly, an event created in one calendar can appear in multiple calendars. 

How do I get authorized to add and edit events on a calendar?

If your department or unit has a calendar on the Trumba system, ask your departmental or unit administrator to give you access.

How do I log onto Trumba to add or edit events?

If you are authorized to add or edit events, use this URL: http://www.washington.edu/calendar/trumba. This is the URL you want to bookmark to easily find the "back-end" of the calendar again in the future. (If you are not authorized to add or edit events, you will see an error message when you go to this URL.)

To browse events, go to: http://www.washington.edu/calendar

How do I get help? 
Contact help@uw.edu and enter “UW Event Calendar” in the subject line.

Help Documentation

Getting Started Video

View a recording of the Event Calendar Editor training: https://tegr.it/y/17min. This video shows you how to add and edit events, and share events from your departmental calendar to the UW Campus Event calendar. If you have trouble viewing the Tegrity recording, confirm that your browser and OS are compatible

Last modified: July 24, 2014