Client Software Choices

Recommended Client Software

Different client software programs provide different feature sets in the Exchange environment, with Outlook 2013 providing the richest user experience.

The following are the recommended clients for use with UW Exchange. Click the links below to view setup instructions:

For details on clients from Microsoft, see the TechNet article Clients and Mobile Devices.

Outlook Web App (OWA)

Outlook Web App (OWA) allows you to connect to the Exchange Server by using only a Web browser. No other client software is needed. OWA comes in two versions: Standard and Light.

  • The Standard version is the full-featured version. It opens automatically if you are running a supported browser.
  • The Light version offers limited features, and it is optimized to work with browsers that don’t support the standard version.

For more information from Microsoft about OWA Light, see Outlook Web App Light.

For instructions on connecting to the Exchange Server using Outlook Web App, see Outlook Web App and UW Exchange.

Smartphones and Tablets

You can connect to UW Exchange using any smartphone device that uses Exchange ActiveSync to connect to Exchange, such as iPhone and Windows Phone. For Android and BlackBerry, you need additional software to connect to Exchange.

Email-only Client Software

Any email client software program that uses the IMAP protocol can work with UW Exchange. UW Exchange does not support the POP3 protocol.

Thunderbird and Alpine are popular IMAP email clients in use at the University of Washington.

When you connect to an Exchange server using the IMAP protocol, you get only email functionality. You do not get access to the other features of Exchange: calendar, tasks, and contacts. To get the full set of Exchange features, use an Exchange client software program, such as Outlook.

For instructions on connecting to the UW Exchange server using several popular email-only client software programs, see IMAP Settings for UW Exchange.

Last modified: September 7, 2014