Vehicle to Personal Residence

Travel between the duty station and official residence may be approved by the agency head or authorized designee for any one of the following reasons:

OFM: 12.20.35

When may an agency permit an employee to use a state-owned or leased vehicle between duty station and home?

Office of Financial Management: Section 12.20.35

  1. When storing the vehicle at an employee’s residence is more advantageous or economical to the state than the purchase, lease, or rental of a commercial garage or other parking facility. The security and safety of state property is to be considered in determining the storage location of state-owned or leased vehicles.
  2. When an employee’s home is also the official station.
  3. When an individual commences a trip prior to the opening time of Fleet Services or when the individual returns from or completes a trip later than the closing time of the state or agency Fleet Services.
  4. When, because of darkness, late hour, isolated location, the area has a record of crime, there is a threat to the personal security of the employee, or there is a reasonable basis for fear or uneasiness of personal safety in returning a motor vehicle to Fleet Services or to its customary storage area.
  5. When it is economical or advantageous to the state to allow such incidental travel in a state-owned or leased motor vehicle, or as part of a commute trip reduction program as required by RCW 70.94.551. (Also refer to RCW 43.41.140).

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