The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Adding a Budget Number to Your Account


To Add a Budget Number to your UCAR and online account
  1. Login to the online system
  2. From the main menu, select Update Profile
  3. Enter budget number to be added in the white box toward the bottom of the screen, click "Add New Budget"
  4. The budget number should appear in your "Current Budgets" list above and will now be available to use for daily reservations. Your UCAR account will be updated to include the new budget but it does take up to one business day. If you need to use a new UCAR budget immediately please contact the Fleet Services rental office.

Sometimes, a budget being entered is a new one for our system. When this happens, you'll be prompted to enter the UW Net ID for the Budget Authorizer and Billing Contact. If you know a budget number is new to your department, it's a good idea to get this information before adding the budget to your online account.