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The U-PASS is a bus pass plus more. The U-PASS provides faculty, staff and students with a variety of low-cost transportation options—from buses, commuter train service and light rail, to vanpooling and discounted impromptu carpooling.

With a U-PASS, it’s easy to save money and tread softly on the environment by choosing alternatives to driving alone. Or consider “mixing up your commute”—using an alternative when possible, driving when necessary.

Participation in the U-PASS program requires a valid purple Husky Card with photo. Temporary and hourly employees are not eligible for a U-PASS issued on a Husky Card, but if eligibility criteria are met, may purchase the U-PASS equivalent called the TEMP Pass (formerly called UW FlexPass).

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Employees May Purchase U-PASS Online

Staff and faculty can apply online for annual U-PASS membership if you plan to purchase your annual U-PASS through payroll deduction. Apply online today

Activation of your U-PASS powered by ORCA

To finalize the activation of your U-PASS for use on transit, you must use it for transit service within 60 days of purchase. Tapping your card on the ORCA reader updates your chip and finalizes activation of your U-PASS for transit. U-PASS members who do not finalize activation within 60 days will have to submit a Reactivation Request below and wait for approximately two days to use it on transit.

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Faculty & Staff with U-PASS additionally have access to:

Who is Eligible for U-PASS?

The following faculty and staff are eligible for a U-PASS if they are also eligible to receive a Husky Card:

  • Faculty and staff employed in permanent positions and working at least 50 percent-time;
  • Temporary and hourly employees working at least three days a week throughout the quarter in which they wish to purchase a U-PASS;
  • Affiliates certified by a University Human Resources office to be employed on campus at least three days per week throughout the quarter;
  • Visiting scholars who are here throughout the quarter; and
  • Retirees employed on campus 40 percent-time or at least three days a week throughout the quarter on either an hourly or uncompensated basis.

Temporary and hourly employees working at least three days a week throughout the quarter who are not eligible to receive a Husky Card are eligible to purchase the U-PASS equivalent TEMP Pass (see below).

The following students are automatically U-PASS members through universal student U-PASS:

  • Students registered in state-funded courses (except students who are part of the state tuition exemption program); and
  • Students registered for classes and enrolled in a fee based degree major through Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) who pay the Services and Activities Fee (SAF).

The following people are not eligible for a U-PASS from UW Seattle:

  • Non-matriculated distance learning students;
  • PCE students taking non-credit classes (except English Language Programs), and PCE students taking credit courses not affiliated with UW Seattle;
  • Harborview, UW Tacoma, and UW Bothell employees and students;
  • Visiting students who are not enrolled at UW;
  • Retirees who are not working or are working less than 40 percent-time;
  • Volunteers; and
  • Affiliates not employed on the Seattle campus.

Reactivating your U-PASS powered by ORCA

U-PASS members who do not finalize activation within 60 days must submit a Reactivation Request. After you submit your reactivation request, your U-PASS will be available for transit after two days. You must use your card on transit within 60 days of reactivation to finalize your U-PASS powered by ORCA membership.

TEMP Pass (formerly called UW FlexPass) - U-PASS equivalent for temporary/hourly employees:

To serve employees who are not eligible to receive Husky Cards, Transportation Services issues the U-PASS equivalent Transit Pass for Temporary and Hourly Employees (TEMP Pass). This transit pass utilizes ORCA technology and requires the customer to agree to the applicable U-PASS Terms of Use. All FlexPass program rules and policies will apply to TEMP Pass:

  • TEMP Pass holders have access to all of the benefits above, except participation in the PPUP program and gatehouse-issued or E1 (impromptu) carpooling.
  • Available for purchase for one quarter duration only.
  • TEMP Passes are pro-rated if purchased during the quarter.
  • TEMP Pass purchases are non-refundable.
  • Subject to quarterly replacement fee of $50 if TEMP Pass is lost or stolen. Only one replacement per quarter.
  • As the cost of the TEMP Pass is partially subsidized by UW, employees must have UW EIDs and active employee status to purchase the TEMP Pass. If employee does not have a valid UW EID or active employee status, please contact Commuter Services at
  • The TEMP Pass Eligibility Form is no longer necessary for employees who have active status in the HEPPS payroll database.

Terms of Use

U-PASS members are required to acknowledge that they have read and accepted the new U-PASS Terms of Use. Open U-PASS terms of use in a new window

Faculty and Staff U-PASS members who purchase online will be asked to accept the U-PASS Terms of Use online. Faculty and staff who purchase the U-PASS in person at Transportation Services will be asked to agree to the U-PASS Terms of Use at time of purchase.

All U-PASS members are bound by the U-PASS Program Terms of Use as stated in Administrative Policy Statement 53.4. Misuse of the U-PASS is subject to sanctions and may subject the parties to possible action under the General Conduct Code (Chapter 478–124 WAC) or the Student Conduct Code (Chapter 478–120 WAC).

Privacy Issues and U-PASS

No personal information is stored on the smart chip. The chip contains a number with instructions to activate or deactivate U-PASS membership. The University of Washington (UW) sends files which contain these numbers to the region’s ORCA system. No names or UW ID numbers are included in the files. Limited trip data is also stored on the chip for the purpose of processing transit transactions or payment, but it is not associated with names or UW ID numbers.

Transportation Services is the only office with information about who has a valid U-PASS and we will keep this information private in accordance with the UW privacy policy, UW Electronic Information Privacy Policy on Personally Identifiable Information. Transportation Services does not have access to individually identifiable trip data from the ORCA system.

Important note: This website describes the program available to UW Seattle faculty, staff and students only. Harborview, UW Bothell and UW Tacoma have fiscally-separate U-PASS programs with similar, but not identical benefits. Please contact the applicable program if you are a Harborview or other campus employee or student: Harborview 206-744-3254; UW Bothell 425-352-3292; UW Tacoma 253-692-4669.

Appropriate use:
The University Husky Card, U-PASS, and TEMP Passes are the property of the University of Washington and may not be loaned, sold, or otherwise transferred in any manner to another person. Misuse of the U-PASS or TEMP Pass will result in confiscation by the University of Washington, Metro Transit, Community Transit, Pierce Transit, Kitsap Transit, Everett Transit, or Sound Transit. To replace a confiscated U-PASS, please visit the Husky Card office to obtain a new Husky Card and visit our office with your new Husky Card to replace the U-PASS. A confiscated U-PASS may only be replaced once a calendar year and is subject to a replacement fee. If you find a lost U-PASS or TEMP Pass, please return it to Transportation Services, Box 355360.

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