The University of Washington: Facilities Services



Permit issuance machines serve various areas across campus. Note: Only permits issued from permit issuance machines that govern a particular lot/area are valid in that lot/area. Machine payment is required in stalls governed by permit issuance machines during hours of operation 6 a.m. until 9 p.m.. Permit issuance machine payments are non-refundable.

Be sure to read the signs! Parking is enforced on all days at all times so please make sure you park legally.

East Campus


Convenient and easy to use at $3.00 per hour ($15.00 maximum for all day) simply park noting your stall number as you leave your vehicle and proceed to the nearby machine to make payment. East campus machines accept Visa/Mastercard, $1 coins and quarters only. Payment is non-refundable.


  • Stadium Plaza- in front of Husky Stadium at Pacific Place directly off Montlake Blvd NE
  • Walla Walla Road- behind the Intramural Activities Center across the road from the E8 parking lot
  • Waterfront Activities Center (WAC)- directly in front of the WAC;behind Husky Stadium in the E12 parking lot
  • Intramural Activities Center (IMA)/Tubby Graves- directly in front of the IMA/Tubby Graves buildings north of Husky Stadium and south of parking lot E1
  • Sports Medicine Clinic- located directly front of the Sports Medicine Clinic at the Bank of America Arena just north of Husky Stadium NOTE This area only offers disability and load/unload parking.

E1 Lot

E1 is a 3,000+ space lot that provides affordable parking for guests and visitors to the UW campus or sporting events on east campus. The fee is $6 and may be paid in quarters, $5 or $1 bills only, or (for students and staff) with a Husky Card Debit Account at several entry points. There is also a $2 carpool gate at the south entrance, available only for students and staff U-PASS holders with active Husky Card Debit Accounts. No parking in E1 is allowed between 3:00AM and 4:30AM any day of the week, and vehicles parked during these hours are subject to citation and may be impounded. Please note that if using Husky Card Debit Account as payment, the account must have sufficient funds for parking deposited at least 24 hours in advance.


  • The north entrance off Montlake Ave NE at Walla Walla Road has two (2) pay stations
  • The northeast entrance by the Golf Driving Range on Clark Road has one (1) pay station
  • The south entrance off Montlake Ave NE at Wahkiakum Road has a carpool entrance and a cash payment entrance.

Spitter Ticket Machine

An easy-to-use all day parking option for a nominal fee in lots located on the periphery of campus. The the ticket must be visibly displayed on the vehicle dashboard. Payment is non-refundable.


  • E4 - near the Environmental Safety Office Building off Mary Gates Memorial Drive on Clark Road. The ticket machine in this lot serves both the E3 and E4 lots. Parking in these lots costs $3 per day and the ticket must be visibly displayed on the vehicle dashboard. The machine accepts Visa and MasterCard as well as quarters and $1 coins. Note: tickets may be purchased for up to three (3) days at this machine. Each ticket must be visibly displayed side-by-side on the vehicle dashboard.