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Pay Per Use Parking (PPUP)

Pay Per Use Parking (PPUP)

Not sure if you will be parking twice a week or twice a month? PPUP may be a good option for you.

PPUP is a program designed for the flexible UW commuter. As a member, you can come and go in our PPUP lots by swiping your Husky Card to raise the gate at the entrance. You are then billed at the end of each pay period for all of the days that you used PPUP, at the applicable PPUP drive-alone or carpool rate. You may choose between payroll deduction or Husky Debit to pay for your parking. Please note a Husky Card account must be established showing a balance greater than $0 at sign up if you choose the Husky Debit option.

Space is limited so visit us at Commuter Services soon to enroll! Please provide your your Husky Card and vehicle registration to enroll. Directions to our office can be found at this website.

Who can purchase it?

Permanent Faculty and Staff eligible for payroll deduction and UW Affiliates with a Husky Card Account.

PPUP carpooling: All must be enrolled in PPUP and have a valid faculty/staff U-PASS.

When can I park?

Park as little or as frequently as you like. Mix up your commute, by combining carpooling with drive-alone parking, if you wish.

Where can I use it?

Portage Bay Garage (formerly “West Campus Garage”), on NE Pacific St. between University Way NE and Brooklyn Avenue NE.

Montlake (E-1) lot

How much does it cost?

Individual (drive-alone) user

Type Rate
Up to 4 days per pay period $5.00
5 or more days per pay period, incl. first 4 uses $7.05


(Two PPUP participants, each with a valid U-PASS, who commute together.)

Type Rate
Carpool $3.00 per day per vehicle Fee is split between Husky Cards.

What else should I know?

  • Vehicle Registration Required: All customers must have a vehicle registered on their account in order to purchase a parking product. To add a vehicle to your account, you must provide a copy of your vehicle registration or other documentation to validate the license plate, make, year, and model of the vehicle. In lieu of the vehicle registration, a photo of the license plate will be accepted.

  • If Portage Bay Garage is full: Exit the garage and go to the nearest campus gatehouse to be reassigned a different lot for the day.

  • In/Out Privileges: If you exit Portage Bay Parking Facility and reenter the same day, you will not be charged twice.

  • Parking in Montlake (E-1) lot: PPUP enrollees are charged the applicable PPUP drive-alone rate rather than regular E-1 rates. PPUP carpools may also receive the applicable PPUP carpool rate in E-1, but the carpool must enter the Portage Bay Garage first then proceed to E-1 to receive the carpool rate for the day.

  • Out of Area Parking: Out of Area parking will be charged the PPUP rate, unless you have already parked in the Portage Bay Garage on the same day.

  • Does it Make Sense for Me? The maximum monthly parking charge for PPUP participants will not exceed the equivalent of the cost of an SOV permit. The less you park, the less you pay. Please Note: The maximum charge for parking does not include any other Commuter Services permit costs, such as U-PASS fees or bicycle locker leases.

  • To use: For vehicles with only a driver, please swipe your Husky Card twice in the card reader. You will be charged the single, daily rate. For vehicles with a rider and driver (who have valid U-PASSes), please swipe one card and when prompted, swipe the second card. Each person would be charged 1/2 of the carpool rate.

  • Cycles are not allowed in the Portage Bay Garage: If you drive a cycle as a PPUP member, please visit a gatehouse for an alternate vehicle permit to park in a cycle space for other lots. Unfortunately, we cannot allow cycles to park in the Portage Bay Garage.