The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Individual Commuter Tickets (ICTs)

Individual Commuter Tickets (ICTs)

ICTs are discounted parking passes for UW employees who drive to campus twice a week or less on average.

To use an ICT, just mark and park! Specify the date you are parking by marking the boxes printed on the ICT. Then, hang the completed ICT on your rear view mirror and you are permitted to a day of parking.

ICTs can be renewed online or purchased from the Commuter Services office. (NOTE: New ICT purchasers cannot use the online order form and must come in person.)

Who can purchase it?

Faculty and Staff members only. SOV permit holders are not eligible to purchase ICTs unless the SOV permit is returned and canceled first. Night & Swing permit holders as well as carpool riders (members that are not listed as the head of the carpool) are eligible to purchase ICTs.

New ICT purchasers or customers wishing to change lot assignments must visit the Commuter Services office in person. Only customers renewing their ICTs for the same parking lot may use the online order form.

When can I park?

From the time parked until 6 a.m. the following morning.

Where can I use it?

Lots are assigned at the time of purchase.

What about daily use?

ICTs are for single use only.

You must purchase ICTs at least once every 12 months to retain your lot assignment and garage access.

How much does it cost?

ICTs are $5.00 each.

What else should I know?

Please present the current vehicle registration upon purchase of your first batch of ICTs. For subsequent purchases, no registration information is needed.

A minimum of six or a maximum of 26 ICTs can be purchased at a time and only in multiples of two.

When ICTs are sold, a next-purchase date is set. For every two ICTs you buy, your next-purchase date will be extended by one week. For example, if you purchase 26, you are not eligible to purchase more for 13 weeks.

If you run out of ICTs before your next purchase date, you may purchase a short term permit until your next purchase date. We may only issue you the short term permit once a year. If you run out of ICTs again within a year of purchasing your last short term permit, we will not be able to issue you another. ICTs may not be the best product for you so please feel free to work with a Commuter Services associate to find a product to better fit your needs.

ICTs do not have an expiration date. ICTs may be used only by the registered permit holder. ICTs must not be loaned or transferred in any manner to another person. Resale is prohibited.

You may return any unused ICTs for a refund; however, Commuter Services is only able to refund the most recent batch of ICTs which were purchased on your record.

Proper display:

Cross out (X) in blue or black INK the month, date, and day of the week. An ICT is valid only when all appropriate boxes are marked.
Hang on rearview mirror or display on the driver’s side dash fully visible from the exterior of the vehicle, with the area designator facing the windshield.

If an error is made while validating your ICT, please use a new one. Corrections, additional marks, use of pencil, or erasable ink pens are prohibited.