The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Inpatient Hourly Permit

Hourly Permit

The Inpatient Hourly permit provides flexibility in parking to customers with extenuating circumstances and/or do not have adequate funds to pay the Daily parking rate. Examples of these types of requests are, but not limited to:

  • a life endangering medical emergency where an individual needs immediate medical attention
  • a medical patient who is without sufficient funds to pay in advance where required
  • a patient that is admitted after the kiosks are closed for the day and is in need of a permit
  • hospital night staff who remain at work beyond the time their permit is valid

The customer or department stops at a campus gate house or call the Parking Operations Office at 206-685-1553 (if already parked) to describe the need along with specific vehicle information and location. Parking Operations staff issues the Hourly permit and mail-in envelope or places the items on the vehicle in the field. Payment must be made upon exit or as soon as possible via mail. Note: The Inpatient Hourly permit accrues fees until the patient is out of the hospital or up to the maximum daily rate according to the circumstances as explained at the time of issuance.

Privileges include:

  • Parking only in the area or space assigned from the gate house
  • Loading/unloading in marked load zones for the posted time limit

Limitations include:

  • Expires at midnight on the date of issue
  • No other Hourly permit may be issued until payment is cleared on the first one
  • Not valid for return trips to campus