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Impromptu Carpooling

Impromptu Carpooling

The Impromptu Carpool permit provides incentive to UW faculty, staff, and students to commute to campus by means other than the single occupant vehicle. Impromptu Carpool permits cost $3.00 and are available to any two (2) valid UPASS holders. Eligibility for this permit requires all participants to have a valid U-PASS AND a Husky Debit Card Account. One of the following is also required for impromptu carpool permit:

Privileges include:

  • Specific lot and/or space assigned from a campus gatehouse
  • Load/unload zones for the posted time limit

Self Service Impromptu Carpooling

Self service impromptu carpooling is available in the E1 parking lot for $2 per vehicle per day. Impromptu carpooling in E1 requires at least two (2) valid U-PASS holders in the same vehicle each with sufficient funds in a Husky Card Account. Find more information about parking in E1 HERE

Limitations for impromptu carpools include:

  • Nontransferable. Permit valid for original vehicle only.