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Webinar Screening: Bike Signals

Webinar Screening: Bike Signals

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 12:00pm

Location: Gould Hall Room 142

Description from the Association for Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals: Bike signals are a relatively new tool that can be used to separate cycling movements safely. This webinar explores the latest developments related to traffic signals that specifically accommodate cyclists and includes examples of how these devices are used in Portland and Tucson. This 75-minute webinar includes an extended Q&A period.

Presenters will review the current state of the practice, including existing engineering guidance and warrants in the MUTCD, AASHTO Green Book, NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide and other manuals; physical design and operations (detection, signage and timing); and preliminary results of an informal survey of compliance and cyclist behavior. Examples from Portland include a scramble phase signal and demonstrate how bike signals can encourage cycling. Examples from Tucson focus on stand-alone signals, the Toucan and the BikeHawk. Toucan is used to help cyclists transition from a neighborhood or residential street network to larger arterial roads; the BikeHawk is a pedestrian hybrid beacon that has been modified to accommodate cyclists as well as pedestrians.

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