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Bus or Train to Campus

Riding the Bus or Train

Whether you are a visitor to the campus or a regular faculty, staff or student commuter, it’s easy to get to the University of Washington by bus or commuter train. More than 60 bus routes serve the U-District, including many that drive onto the campus itself. You can also take the train or light rail to downtown Seattle, then jump on a bus for a quick ride to the University.

Parking a bus on campus.

Calculate your commute

Use this interactive web-based application to explore how your commute choices affect the cost, CO2 output and calories burned by your commute. Created by UW students, funded by the Campus Sustainability Fund, and supported by UW Transportation Services and the Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability (ESS) office, the site gives commuters a new tool for making commuting choices. Try it

Faculty, Staff and Students

The U-PASS is your ticket to ride on all eight Central Puget Sound transit agencies—Metro Transit, Community Transit, Sound Transit, Pierce Transit, Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, King County Water Taxi and Seattle Streetcar—anytime, anywhere. U-PASS also gives you full fare coverage on light rail and on the Sounder commuter train. Sounder provides a quick commute option from Tacoma or Everett. Link light rail provides service between Sea-Tac Airport and downtown Seattle. King County Water Taxi offers beautiful views of Puget Sound as you cross between downtown Seattle and West Seattle or Vashon Island via passenger ferry. Enjoy your commute time reading or relaxing rather than grinding your teeth in traffic!

It’s easy to ride the bus with your U-PASS. Just tap your U-PASS on the ORCA card reader as board the bus. On Sounder and Link light rail, tap your U-PASS on the ORCA card reader prior to entering the train and show your U-PASS to the attendant, if asked. Failure to tap before boarding the train may result in a citation. Tap your U-PASS again at your destination station as you leave.

Alerts, Announcements and Service Changes

For current alerts, announcements and service changes, see individual transit agencies:

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Going to a Husky Football game?

Take advantage of Husky Park and Ride bus service. For $5 a game, leave your car at a Park and Ride and take a bus right to the stadium. Passes are available at participating Park and Ride lots on game day. More on game day Park and Ride locations

Bikes on Buses

You, your bike, the bus and a U-PASS are a great combination! All six Central Puget Sound transit agencies have easy-to-use bike racks on all their buses so you can bike one way, or just part of the way, and ride the bus for the rest of your journey.

Night Stop

To enhance security when traveling at night, Metro Transit offers a convenient service called Night Stop. Available between the hours of 9:00 pm and 5:00 am, Night Stop allows you to ask the driver to let you off at any point along your bus route, even though it might not be a Metro bus stop. More

Is your bus running on time? When is the next bus coming?

  • Check One Bus Away to see if your bus is running on schedule.

Services for people with disabilities

All buses are lift-equipped to accommodate passengers who are in wheelchairs or unable to climb steps. Timetables indicate which buses can accommodate wheelchairs. For information about other transportation services for persons with disabilities, contact your transit agency:

  • Metro Transit 206.553.3060 or 800.542.7876 (TTY 206.684.1739)
  • Community Transit 800.562.1375 (TTY 425.778.2188)
  • Sound Transit 888.889.6368 (TTY/TTD 888.713.6030)
  • Pierce Transit 206.581.8000 or 800.562.8109 (TTY 253.582.7951)
  • Everett Transit 425.257.7777 (TTY 425.257.7778)
  • Kitsap Transit 800.501.7433 (TTY 360.479.4348)