The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Roadway Maintenance

Reporting maintenance problems along your biking route

If you see a maintenance problem, please report it using the contacts below.


  • For problems on Central, South or East campuses
    Phone 206.685.1411
    UW Mailbox 354285 Maintenance Work Requests

    If your request is an emergency please call 206.685.1411

  • For problems near the UW Medical Center
    UWMC Facilities Services Division
    Phone 206.598.4911
    UW Mailbox 356031

When requesting maintenance or repair service, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • name of building or address
  • exact location of work to be done (room number if possible)
  • name and telephone number of the requester or a contact person
  • a description of the work to be done
  • an indication of the urgency (is this an emergency?)
  • a budget number (if a chargeable service)

Vehicles Parked on Sidewalk (or blocking crosswalks)
Call University parking enforcement 206.543.9008.

Information needed includes:

  • Nature of the violation
  • Location
  • Vehicle Description
  • License Plate Number

Reference: WAC 478-116-245 - “Obstructing traffic and pedestrian movement prohibited.” No person shall stop, stand or park any motor vehicle so as to obstruct traffic along or upon any street nor to obstruct pedestrian movement on any plaza, path or sidewalk.


  • Bikewise is a place to learn about and report bike crashes, hazards, and thefts. By sharing experiences with each other, and with researchers and relevant agencies, Bikewise aims to make biking safer and more fun. You can help by adding your reports.
  • Burke Gilman Trail (off-campus sections): Parks Maintenance
    • Gasworks Park to NE 145th, 206.684.4075
    • North of 145th, 206.296.4232
  • City of Seattle streets (West Campus, and any facilities on your way to campus)
  • Crosswalks (Repainting) - 206.684.5116 if an existing crosswalk needs repainting
  • Curb Ramps - 206.684.5377 - curb ramps (wheelchair ramps) make it easier to cross streets that have concrete curbs and sidewalks. Priority is given to intersections with the greatest need.
  • Sidewalk Damage - use this web form
  • Problem with street signs or traffic signals - use this web form
  • Drainage
    • Streets North of Denny Way - 206.684.7506
    • Streets South of Denny Way - 206.386.1230
  • Overgrowth - use SDOT’s web form, or call:

    • Streets North of Denny Way - 206.684.7508
    • Streets South of Denny Way - 206.386.1218
  • Overgrowth on Private Property - 206.684.7899. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the planting strips on streets adjacent to private property and for cutting plant material growing from their property into sidewalk or street areas. The Department of Design, Construction and Land Use instructs property owners to cut grass or prune overgrowth when needed.

  • Overgrowth of trees on City right of way direct inquiries to the arborist- 206.615.0957
  • Sidewalks and Planting Strips - 206.684.5253 - sidewalks are the maintenance responsibility of the abutting property owners in most cases. If you find a raised portion of the walk, call, with the address, and city staff will investigate and notify the property owner to make repairs.
  • Vehicles Parked on Sidewalk or Blocking Crosswalk
    • Call parking enforcement at the Seattle Police Department, 206.625.5011 Information needed includes:
      • Nature of the violation
      • Location
      • Vehicle Description
      • License Plate Number
  • Problems with city street lights: call 206.684.7056, or email
  • Traffic Sign Repair or Replacement - 206.386.1206 - Includes stop signs, pedestrian signs, and warning signs.
  • Traffic Lights 206.684.7056 - or use the online form