Special Use

State Funded Maintenance

The State provides minimal funding for basic operation and maintenance of the University’s physical plant. These funded services include routine and preventive maintenance work required to keep buildings, utilities and grounds in an acceptable and safe operating condition. Principal services funded by the State include:

  • Exterior masonry repair, cleaning and repair of roofs, gutters and downspouts.
  • Painting and repair of public areas (entrances, corridors, stairwells, restrooms). (Effective August 2011 - Interior maintenance painting will only be accomplished for the removal of graffiti and/or to paint patches as necessary on walls of public spaces. Aesthetic painting of interior public spaces will be accomplished only when specific funds are identified from any residual balance in our maintenance budgets; funding from building renewal sources; or, when requested and funded by departmental funds.)
  • Maintenance of building ventilation, air conditioning, heating, electrical and lighting systems, plumbing, tile flooring, shades, windows, doors and hardware, elevators and fire protection equipment and alarm systems.
  • Maintenance of landscaped grounds, irrigation systems, roadways, street lighting, and identification signage.
  • Repair and maintenance of water, sewer, drainage, and gas utility systems.
  • Repair to standard classroom furnishings (tablet seating, tables, side chairs, lecture stands)

Customer Funded Maintenance

Maintenance (repair and preventive) services are customer-paid if the customer is an auxiliary operation, a self-sustaining unit, and/or if the unit recharges for its services. Customers also must fund services that exceed the routine maintenance cycle or standard or that are beyond the routine level funded by state monies. Principal examples of these services include:

  • Painting areas other than public areas.
  • Repairs to departmental furniture and equipment (e.g.., fume hoods, freezers, ice machines, centrifuges, stills, purification/filtering systems).
  • Special cleaning, such as upholstery and for departmental events.
  • Alterations to space, including installation and fabrication of furnishings and equipment.

Special Use Systems

The term “special use” applies to systems that support a narrow scope of research or department programs, those typically not utilized by all occupants of a building, not common to most campus buildings, and not considered part of basic infrastructure. Special use components may have been provided at initial construction or added to accommodate a change in occupancy or objectives. Principal examples of such special use equipment include:

  •  Humidification systems.
  • Specialized air, water and chemical delivery systems.
  • Dedicated, local air conditioners.
  • Local lab deionizers.
  •  Cold rooms.

The state does not generally allocate funds for these special use systems, but Facilities Services does deliver basic maintenance to special use systems in keeping with its objective to efficiently and effectively advance the University’s teaching, research and public service mission. Time devoted to this unfunded service is typically limited to 2 hours for: a) on-site response to the initial trouble-call, b) basic diagnosis, consultation and advice, and c) performing basic operating adjustments or preventive maintenance. If the customer funds the service needs of the special use system, Facilities Services performs those services when possible.

Frequently, diagnosis and proper operation of special use systems require specialized services by specifically trained technicians. Facilities Services will assist in identification of qualified service contractors for this work, but does not issue or administer contracts on behalf of the department.

Department “owners” are reminded that special use systems should be included in their program renewal planning, so replacements or upgrades can be funded when the system has outlived its useful life.

Note: Computer equipment or server rooms pose a special challenge, especially as more departments acquire substantial in-house computing capabilities. Server rooms may require extraordinary and dedicated multiple services (air conditioning, uninterruptible power, links to off-site data storage, and additional fire suppression features). Maintenance for such accommodations is not generally covered by basic maintenance funding. Coordinate with Maintenance & Alterations to be knowledgeable about what your server room(s) will require for reliable operation.

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