Preventive Maintenance

To prevent emergencies and equipment breakdown, Facilities Services, Campus Maintenance and Campus Operations conduct ongoing maintenance on buildings and building equipment. Preventive measures include inspections, testing, lubrications, operational adjustments, belt tensioning and replacement, indicator light replacement. Work is preformed according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures and typically does not require a customer request.

Preventive Maintenance responsibilities include those mandated by government regulations, insurance requirements and building codes. Many of these, such as fire alarm testing, are designed to ensure the safety of building occupants.

If a customer wants to have FS, Campus Maintenance or Campus Operations maintain any special equipment outside the scope of the department’s basic responsibilities such maintenance services are chargeable.

Please refer to the Special Use page for more information regarding Customer Funded Maintenance.

Autoclave Structural Inspection Request

Please use this form when requesting an Structural Inspection to be scheduled on a specific Autoclave.

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