Making a New Request

Making a New Request

  1. Log in to FS‑WORKS by clicking the big, green LOGIN button

  2. Input the required information

    • Description: Enter a detailed description of the request.
    • Building: Enter the building where the request should be performed.

      FS‑WORKS 2.0 Screenshot

  3. Optionally provide additional information about the request:

    • Additional contact information
    • A specific location for the request (for example: a room)
    • Budget and PCA information — Budgets listed are simply suggestions based on your orgcode; any budget can be entered. To enter a budget, type it in using the ##-#### format. Press the tab key after entering and continue adding information to your request.
    • A Custom Reference

      FS‑WORKS 2.0 Screenshot

  4. Click the Submit Request button.

  5. If there are no known issues with your request, you’ll be redirected to a page that contains your new FS‑WORKS No. and a read-only view of your request.

    FS‑WORKS 2.0 Screenshot