Shops and Maintenance Zones

Zone Map

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Maintenance Shops

Facilities Services Maintenance Shops are located throughout campus. They are organized into zones throughout campus.

Central Zone: 206-685-8814

Health Sciences Zone: 206-543-3010

Northeast Zone: 206-685-8815

Southwest Zone: 206-543-5677

Campus-wide Shops

In addition to the geographical zones, certain shops within Facilities Services Maintenance and Operations work throughout campus.

Grounds & Outside Zone: 206-685-8814

Power Plant: 206-685-1411

Fire Safety: 206-685-1411

Other Shops: 206-685-1411

Lock Shop: 206-543-9014

HVAC Shops: 206-685-8869

Night Maintenance: 206-221-2888

Facilities Construction Shops

Facilities Construction Shops perform remodeling and alterations projects for University of Washington. The shops are divided into Upper Campus and South Campus.

Upper Campus: 206-685-1411

South Campus: 206-685-1411