Planning & Preparation

Moving Services assists departments relocate furniture, equipment, and boxes. To make sure your move can take place within your planned time frame, schedule your move as far in advance as possible. The more notice we have, the more assistance we can provide to you in planning, estimating costs, coordinating with other service providers and Facilities Services shops, and when necessary, scheduling additional staff.

For large move jobs, especially those involving construction projects, contact Moving Services six months ahead of time. Smaller jobs need less lead time and two weeks advance notice is sufficient.

Once you start packing, you may find you need to move more items than you thought. We estimate time requirements and assign staff based on the information you provide us. If items are added after the movers arrive, we may not be able to complete your move. To add items to your move request, contact us within 24 hours prior to when your move is scheduled and update your request by referencing the job number assigned to your move. Without advanced notice of additional items, we may need to reschedule your move or come back another day to move the added items.