Online Move Request

Information Required When Requesting a Move

The following information is required when submitting your move request. Please be prepared and have all of the information listed below to successfully request a move. Once we receive your online request, Moving Services will call and confirm the exact day and time that your move will take place.

  • Budget number to be charged
  • Budget contact person’s name and phone number
  • Billing mailbox number
  • Contact person’s name and phone number at the current location
  • Current location of items needing moved (building & room number)
  • Contact person’s name and phone number at the new location
  • Destination location of where the items will be moved to (building & room number)
  • Date and time you would like to request the move
  • An approximate list of the items that we will be moving
  • Any obstacles that we may encounter (i.e. narrow doorways/hallways, stairs, construction or parking access, elevator)
  • Room Access: Will the room be open? Will the movers need a key? Contact person’s name, phone number, and location where the movers would obtain the key?

Making a Move Request

New URL - Update your bookmarks!

As of February 9th, 2015, the URL for the Online Move Request Form was changed to Update your bookmarks accordingly.

Attention Mac Users: The online request form works only with a Mozilla 1.4 or higher browser and Safari OSX. The form does not work if you are using IE for the Mac.

If you have any questions please contact Moving Services at 206.685.2797 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.