Custodial Services is responsible for servicing the garbage containers within a building. All material collected within a building is consolidated into garbage containers at the loading dock. UW Recycling and our contracted vendor, Waste Management, are responsible for servicing the loading dock garbage containers.

Many items on campus are recyclable or are not permitted in the garbage. Read the following information carefully and contact UW Recycling with any questions.

What is acceptable as garbage

  • Landfill waste from restrooms
  • Lab glass
  • Latex or plastic gloves
  • Unapproved compostable serviceware
  • Treated biomedical waste
  • Non-recyclable materials; see the procedures page for more information about particular items
  • Non-hazardous materials that are contaminated
  • Broken items (not from a lab) that are sharp or pointed; place pieces in a small box, label the box and seal it securely, and then place it next to your garbage container

What is not acceptable as garbage

Note: cleanup and handling of improperly disposed materials will be the responsibility of the department.

Where to throw away your garbage on campus


Classroom/Conference Room Bins

UW Recycling is in the process of placing bins throughout classrooms and conference rooms on campus. The waste bin is typically placed in a room as part of a set, which also includes bins for mixed containers and mixed paper. The classroom/conference room bins are serviced by Custodial Services.

Public Area Bins

In public areas of campus buildings, there are red metal Waste Public Area Bins. The old style bins are varying heights and the new style bins are the same height. Public Area Bins are serviced by Custodial Services. Note: at this time, UW Recycling has no additional inventory of either the old style or new style Public Area Bins.

Smart Cans, Top View

Solar Kiosks

Located on Red Square and outside the Husky Union Building, these outdoor kiosks consist of three containers for sorting waste—composting, recycling and garbage. Powered sustainably by the sun, the kiosks contain technology to help maximize and monitor waste collection, and the garbage container also has an automated compactor that increases the amount of garbage space by roughly 500% over the previous cans. This is the first public area compost collection at UW, and it’s the first program of its kind nationwide. Solar Kiosks are serviced by UW Recycling.

Smart Cans

Smart Cans are outdoor combined litter/recycling receptacles. The top portion of the container is for cans & bottles and the bottom portion is for garbage. Smart Cans are serviced by UW Recycling.


At building loading docks, there are dumpsters labeled for garbage. Garbage collected by Custodial Services from within a building is consolidated into these containers. The dumpsters are serviced by UW Recycling. For buildings that generate large volumes of material, our contracted hauler provides service with front-load or rolloff containers. Contracted vendor service is also used during special cleanout or renovation projects, for special events including Husky Football, and when a particular location requires regular weekend service. Vendor service is provided by Waste Management.

Special Events

UW Recycling provides waste and recycling bins for special events on the Seattle campus. For more information and to request containers, fill out the Special Event Bins Request Form.


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