Confidential e.Media

Option 1: GreenDisk

GreenDisk provides off-site destruction of all forms of electronic media and their cases, including disks, zip disks, CDs, DVDs, and videotapes. GreenDisk destroys old data, recovers reusable components, and recycles the rest of the materials. You can ship your confidential e.Media to GreenDisk in your own box or request a box from them. Payment for this service is the responsibility of your department. Pricing information is on the GreenDisk website.

Option 2: LeMay Mobile Shredding

LeMay Mobile Shredding provides destruction of electronic media by incineration at a Washington State-contracted rate to all UW departments. Contact LeMay Mobile Shredding at 877-898-0112.

Option 3: Vendor of your choice

Departments can choose to contract directly with any vendor of their choice.

Note: Vendors may accept many items, including computers and cell phones, that University staff are not permitted to dispose of through an outside vendor; only confidential e.Media, such as DVDs and videotapes, should be sent for disposal. To dispose of toner cartridges, see the procedures for printer/copier cartridges. All other University property, such as computers and cell phones, must be sent to Surplus.

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