Program Highlights

Food Waste Composting

UW Recycling started a compost program in 2004 with the collection of coffee grounds and pre-consumer vegetative food waste from the UW Club and three Housing & Food Services kitchens. Since its inception, the program has grown and improved.

Paper Recycling

UW continues to expand its paper recycling program, which accounts for nearly a third of the total tons recycled on campus each year. Paper recycling includes all clean, non-soiled paper and cardboard products.

Husky Football

During the 2001 Husky Football season, UW Recycling, in cooperation with Intercollegiate Athletics, conducted a pilot program for recycling in the parking lots during tailgating. The pilot was a success and each year since, the program has expanded.

SCRAM: Student Moveout

Since 2004, UW students who live on campus have had the opportunity at the end of the academic year to donate their unwanted and reusable items by taking part in SCRAM. UW Recycling and Housing & Food Services work together to collect and donate these materials, which previously had been put into the garbage.


In 1970, UW students held the first “Trash-In” on campus to protest the waste associated with American life. Today, the UW Trash-In aims to increase public awareness about how much recyclable or compostable material is still being thrown away on campus. UW Recycling collects garbage from select buildings and volunteers separate the material into appropriate bins.