Welcome to Facilities Services

Facilities Services (view our video introduction) is a world class organization providing exceptional services anywhere, anytime in support of the University of Washington’s mission of teaching, research, and discovery. FS includes eight departments that operate, maintain and support the University’s physical plant, grounds, transportation, emergency, building maintenance, and waste management programs. The eight departments of FS are noted below.

Our Departments

Administration, (AVP) Charles Kennedy, Associate Vice President for FS

FS Administration leads FS departments to support the accomplishment of our mission.

Building Services (BSD), Gene Woodard, Director

Building Services delivers Custodial Services to the UW campus that provides exceptionally clean and sanitary environments for students, faculty, staff, and visitors and manages the comprehensive Recycling & Solid Waste Management program.

Emergency Management (EM), Steve Charvat, Director

UW Emergency Management is responsible for developing and implementing institution-wide programs and projects that promote disaster planning, training, mitigation, response, prevention and recovery for all-hazards.

Engineering & Operations (CE&O), John Chapman, Director

Campus Engineering provides professional engineering support for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of all University facilities. Campus Operations maintains and operates critical building systems including fire/life safety systems, elevator systems, building environmental systems and controls, central clock systems, high voltage distribution systems, and a utility shutdown coordination program. Campus Operations also provides emergency maintenance response service to the Seattle campus community, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Campus Utilities produces steam, emergency electrical power, chilled water, and compressed air for the campus.

Finance and Business Services (FABS), James Angelosante, Director

FABS consists of FS Finance which manages and oversees financial resources and provides business expertise to enable Facilities Services to achieve its mission and goals; Moving & Surplus, which coordinates the collection and sale of surplus equipment and materials; Stores, which procures and dispenses the inventory needed for FS to maintain the UW campus, and FS Technology Services, which administers information systems in support of Facilities Services’ mission.

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC), Damon Fetters, Director

Facilities Maintenance and Facilities Construction are responsible for general maintenance, repair, alterations, and renovations of all campus facilities including building interiors, exteriors, and grounds.

Facilities Employee Services (FES), Patricia Colaizzo, Director

Facilities Employee Services is comprised of four strategic business units focused on providing world class expertise and service to the largest organization on upper campus. Human Resources assists FS departments in managing leave administration, employee performance, rewards and recognition, labor relations, UW and FS policies and procedures. Payroll manages the payroll administration for 1100 employees and provides strategic data to FS leaders to manage their payroll related costs. Employee Safety oversees safety related training, safety policies and procedures for the organization as well as providing guidance and expertise to our campus partners. The FS Training Academy is housed in our brand new state-of-the-art facility and the training staff develops employees to serve and preserve the university community. These four units are instrumental in contributing to the department and organization Balanced Scorecard and Lean initiatives.

Strategic Planning & Continuous Improvement (SPCI), Carol Dickinson, Director

The Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement team serves the Facilities Services organization by providing leadership and support for FS’ strategic planning, performance measurement, and operational excellence programs, including the Balanced Scorecard and Lean. We are passionate about the FS vision: to be “a world-class organization providing exceptional service anywhere, anytime.”

Transportation Services (TS), Josh Kavanagh, Director

Transportation Services provides innovative and sustainable transportation solutions that facilitate the educational, research, cultural and service missions of the University. TS supports the UW campus with the following: Parking, Transit, Bicycling, Walking, Rideshare, Fleet Services, UW Shuttles, and Transportation Planning & Construction.