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Make a Difference: Volunteer to Serve on the UWAB!

Who We Are:
The Alumnae Board (UWAB) is one of many individual groups/organizations that make up the University of Washington Alumni Association (UWAA). Of these groups, we award the largest number of scholarships annually. Our board members serve a four-year term and each member volunteers time, talent and resources to raise funds for UW student scholarships.

Our History:
In 1909, Carrie Cowgill Thompson became the first woman to receive a scholarship to the University of Washington. This $100 award launched a campaign by many UW women graduates over the years to help other women finance their education. In 1946, Thompson sought to formalize this tradition that had assisted her 37 years earlier. Through her efforts, a six-member board was assembled to implement the distribution of funds to deserving women. Since 1979 the UWAB has awarded full-tuition scholarships to male and female students on the basis of several criteria.

Join the UWAB:
Contact the UWAB for more information on how you can join this dynamic group of women.
Email: info@uwab.org
Phone: Anne Savery, UWAB President, (206) 852-2977

2009 UWAB Members
President—Anne Savery
President Elect—Katie Zissermann
Vice President, Scholarship Chair—Janet Smith
Secretary—Janine Johnston
Treasurer—Valerie Ford

Members of the Board
Karin Blakely, Anna Choi, Constance Heinrich, Jeannine Lupton, Marcia Proctor, Natalie Rerecich, Cindy Thompson, Yvonne Reshetar.

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