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Fishing-Rights Account Earns Honors for UW Senior

Gabriel Chrisman, UW senior in history, was awarded a Library Research Award for Undergraduates with his paper: Uncompromising Activism: The Fish-In Protests at Frank's Landing.  Chrisman presents a narrative history of the Native American fishing rights protests which occurred during the 1960s and 1970s at and around Frank's Landing, Wash.

These highly visible and frequently dramatic protests were instrumental in securing special treaty rights for Native Americans, and were also highly influential in altering public opinion of the Pacific Northwest tribes during this turbulent period. After a background summary covering the century following the signing of the original treaties, Chrisman focuses on the organization known as the Survival of the American Indian Society, describing the ways in which the eventual success of this organization was in large part due to assistance from many outside individuals and other participating groups. This cooperation was fundamentally important in linking the Native Americans' cause to the broader civil rights movements of the period.

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