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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Washington Administrative Code

Title 478 WAC - University of Washington

Chapter 478-121 WAC: Student Conduct Code for the University of Washington

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WAC Sections Read Online
478-121-010 Statement of authority.
478-121-020 General application of the student conduct code.
478-121-030 Application of student conduct code to research misconduct.
478-121-040 Jurisdiction of the university.
478-121-045 Severability.
478-121-050 Definitions.
478-121-100 General application.
478-121-103 Abuse of others.
478-121-105 Abuse of the student conduct process.
478-121-107 Academic misconduct.
478-121-110 Acts of dishonesty.
478-121-113 Aiding, assisting, and attempting.
478-121-115 Alcohol violations.
478-121-117 Computer abuses.
478-121-120 Creating a public nuisance in neighboring communities.
478-121-123 Discriminatory harassment.
478-121-125 Disruption or obstruction.
478-121-127 Drug violations.
478-121-130 Failure to comply.
478-121-133 Harassment or bullying.
478-121-135 Hazing.
478-121-137 Indecent exposure.
478-121-140 Intimate partner violence.
478-121-143 Possession or use of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or other dangerous weapons.
478-121-145 Research misconduct.
478-121-147 Retaliation.
478-121-150 Sexual assault.
478-121-153 Sexual exploitation.
478-121-155 Sexual harassment.
478-121-157 Stalking.
478-121-160 Theft.
478-121-163 Unauthorized keys, entry, or use.
478-121-165 Unauthorized recording.
478-121-167 Vandalism.
478-121-170 Violation of disciplinary sanctions.
478-121-173 Violation of law.
478-121-200 Form of adjudicative proceeding.
478-121-203 Brief adjudicative proceeding.
478-121-205 Conversion to full adjudicative proceeding.
478-121-207 Full adjudicative proceeding.
478-121-210 Disciplinary sanctions.
478-121-213 Effective date of sanctions.
478-121-215 Authority to initiate conduct proceedings and delegations of authority in conduct proceedings.
478-121-217 Appointment of reviewing officers.
478-121-220 Selection of review panels.
478-121-223 Disqualification and substitution of presiding officers and reviewing officers.
478-121-225 Initiating conduct proceedings.
478-121-227 Decision not to initiate a conduct proceeding.
478-121-230 Conduct hold on student record.
478-121-233 Parties.
478-121-235 Interim protective measures.
478-121-237 Emergency authority of the university.
478-121-240 Service of notices, filings, and orders; and time limits.
478-121-243 Participation of advisors and attorneys.
478-121-245 Consolidation.
478-121-247 Burden of proof.
478-121-250 Evidence in conduct proceedings.
478-121-253 Relevant evidence, hearsay, and character evidence.
478-121-255 Prior or subsequent conduct of the respondent.
478-121-257 Prior sexual history.
478-121-260 Experts.
478-121-263 Self-incriminating evidence.
478-121-265 Criminal conviction.
478-121-300 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Notice of conduct proceeding and investigative interview.
478-121-305 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Fact finding.
478-121-310 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Standard of proof.
478-121-315 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Initial order
478-121-320 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Requesting administrative review.
478-121-325 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Grounds for administrative review.
478-121-330 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Notice of administrative review.
478-121-335 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Procedures for administrative review
478-121-340 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Order from administrative review.
478-121-345 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Process following remand from administrative review or conversion.
478-121-400 Notice of full hearing.
478-121-403 Prehearing conferences.
478-121-405 Discovery.
478-121-407 Subpoenas.
478-121-410 Protective orders.
478-121-413 Pleadings, briefs, and motions.
478-121-415 Communications with hearing officer.
478-121-417 Standard of proof in full hearings.
478-121-420 Continuances.
478-121-423 Testimony under oath or affirmation.
478-121-425 Remote participation.
478-121-427 Initial order from full hearing.
478-121-430 Requesting administrative review from a full hearing.
478-121-433 Grounds for administrative review from a full hearing.
478-121-435 Notice of administrative review from a full hearing.
478-121-437 Procedures for administrative review from a full hearing.
478-121-440 Communications with reviewing officers.
478-121-443 Order from administrative review of a full hearing.
478-121-445 Process following remand from administrative review of a full hearing.
478-121-447 Reconsideration of final orders.
478-121-450 Denial of request for reconsideration.
478-121-453 Privacy in full hearings.
478-121-500 General recordkeeping.
478-121-510 Disciplinary record.