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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Student Governance and Policies

Scholastic Regulations

Chapter 108

Armed Forces Training School Credit

1. The University reserves the right to accept or reject Armed Forces training schools credits. It shall be the policy of the University to accept, without validating examinations, such Armed Forces training schools credits as may be determined to be acceptable upon evaluation of official military transcripts by the Office of Admissions.

2. The maximum number of credits obtainable by acceptance of Armed Forces training schools credits shall be 30.

3. Acceptable Armed Forces training school credits are also subject to the transfer credit limitations outlined in Scholastic Regulations, Chapter 101, Subsections 4.B and 4.G, and are included in the transfer credit totals used to determine limitations on lower-division transfer credits and total transfer credits toward a UW degree.

4. Within a given field of study, no student shall receive Armed Forces training schools credits in subject matter more elementary than that for which he has previously received credit.

5. If a student repeats a course taken at an Armed Forces training school which was accepted for credit at the University of Washington, the University of Washington credit shall be honored and the Armed Forces training school credit shall be canceled.

S-B, March 1965; S-B 177, April 14, 2010: both with Presidential approval.