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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Student Governance and Policies

Scholastic Regulations

Chapter 103

Graduate Student Classifications

1. The following classifications are assigned to graduate students and postdoctoral appointees on the basis of their advancement toward or completion of graduate degrees:




  1  Pre-master Admitted to the Graduate School, but has not yet completed a Master's degree or the equivalent.
  2  Post-master Completed the Master's degree or equivalent, but has not yet had a doctoral supervisory committee appointed.
  3  Pre-candidate Has had a doctoral supervisory committee appointed, but has not yet completed the Graduate School general examinations.
  4  Candidate Has completed the general examinations, but has not yet completed the doctoral dissertation and final examination.
  5  Postdoctoral  Appointee Has completed a doctoral degree and is engaged in research or scholarly work in residence at the University, but is neither an enrolled student nor a member of the faculty.
2. When a graduate student is first admitted to the Graduate School, he or she is placed by the Office of Graduate Admissions in the appropriate classification which recognizes the highest academic degree which the admittee holds in the field in which he or she proposes to do graduate work at the University of Washington. When a graduate student officially completes the Master's degree, or has a doctoral supervisory committee appointed, or completes the general examinations, the classification is changed accordingly.

3. Every quarter each graduate program adviser is provided with a graduate program roster for the particular field listing the classification and other information of each graduate student in that field. Each adviser should inform the Graduate School of any changes needed.

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