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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Presidential Orders

Executive Order

No. VII*

The Graduate School: Definitions

1. In addition to its function in the advancement of research, the Graduate School has the function of supervising the content and level of programs leading to graduate degrees. It provides the services necessary for the processing of graduate student applications for admission to the University. It has jurisdiction over the completion of degree requirements by individual graduate students, and over the membership of committees charged with supervising advanced course programs and dissertations of students in the various fields of graduate study.

2. The term "graduate degree" designates all master's degrees and all doctor's degrees except those of Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Juris Doctor, and Doctor of Pharmacy.

3. The term "graduate student" designates only those students who have been admitted to the Graduate School.

4. A college, a school, or a department which has been authorized by the graduate faculty to offer a program of study leading to a graduate degree is termed "qualified."

May 31, 1956; June 26, 1968; October 1, 1982.

* This executive order was originally unnumbered in the University Handbook.

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