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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Presidential Orders

Executive Order

No. 48

Payroll Deduction Plans

The following guidelines are hereby established for use in determining whether requests for payroll deduction plans will be granted by the University. It will be the responsibility of the Vice President for Business and Finance to evaluate each request for a payroll deduction plan in light of these guidelines and to make a recommendation to the University Budget Committee. The University Budget Committee will determine whether the request shall be granted or denied and, if granted, under what conditions.


The following types of payroll deductions may be permitted, subject to all applicable laws and regulations and provided that 50 or more University employees have each authorized such a deduction on forms provided by the requesting organization:

1. Payments to credit unions organized solely for public employees.

2. Membership dues to professional organizations formed primarily for college and university professors.

3. Membership dues to labor or employee organizations which have filed a notice of intent to represent University employees with the Director of the Higher Education Personnel Board pursuant to WAC 251-14-020.

4. Accident and casualty premium payments to a single insurer which is unrelated to public or University employment or to the State Employees' Insurance Board, such deductions to be permitted only upon payment of a $1,000 programming charge and a monthly maintenance fee to cover Payroll Office labor costs and data processing expenses.

These guidelines relate to deduction plans which might qualify under Subsections (1), (5), (6), or (7) of RCW 41.04.230.

December 4, 1973.