University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University-Wide Leadership List

Public Policy & Governance,
  Daniel J. Evans School of
Dean—Sandra O. Archibald
Chief of Staff and Assistant Dean of
  Advancement and Strategy—
  Rebecca E. Blume
Director of Finance and Administration—
  Kelly J. Campbell
Chief Digital Officer—Molly Jay
Executive Assistant to the Dean—Sara Basque

Academic and Faculty Affairs

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs—
  Alison Cullen
Associate Dean for Academic Programs—
  Justin Marlowe
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs—Mark Long
Associate Dean for Program Innovation—
  C. Leigh Anderson
Director, PhD Program—Ann Bostrom

Academic Programs

     Executive Education

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and
  Executive Education—Carrie Evans
Associate Dean of Executive Education—
  Justin Marlowe


     Journal of Policy Analysis and

Topical Co-Editor—Mark Long
     Journal of Public Affairs Education Editor—Marieka Klawitter
     Public Budgeting and Finance Editor in Chief—Justin Marlowe
Managing Editor—Sharon Kioko


Associate Dean— Mark Long

January 5, 2019