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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

Installation of Vending Machines on University Premises

(Approved by the Executive Vice President by authority of Administrative Order No. 9)

1.  Policy and Guidelines

A.   Statement of Policy and Delegation of Authority

On October 20, 1967, the Board of Regents adopted a policy permitting, at the discretion of the Executive Vice President, the installation of vending machines in general campus buildings, as well as residence halls and food service areas. (Ordinary household coffee makers, such as used in many departments, are not subject to this policy.)

B.   Authorized Vendor for Coin-Operated Machines

Bids are submitted by private firms and the University enters into an exclusive contract to install and service all coin-operated vending machines on University premises. The University cannot permit installation of coin-operated vending machines by other companies, individuals, organizations, or departments while this contract is in effect.

C.   Coordinating Office

Housing and Food Services is the coordinating office that receives and processes all requests for installations.

2.  Types of Vending Machines Available

A.   Coin-Operated Machines

Coin-operated machines that are intended for public areas and student or staff lounge/lunchrooms with high volume usage are the first type. Criteria for approving installations are:

  • Accessibility;
  • Sufficient patron demand;
  • Proximity to plumbing and electrical services;
  • Compliance with building and fire codes; and
  • Reasonable likelihood of a self-sustaining operation.

B.   Non-Coin Operated Machines

Non-coin operated machines that are suitable for student or staff lounge/lunchrooms with low-volume requirements are the second type. These machines are semi-automatic, attached to building plumbing, and brew coffee by the cup or pot from specially packed grounds furnished by the vending contractor. There is no provision on the machine for collecting money, so costs must be assumed by personnel in the using department.

3.  How to Apply for Installation of a Vending Machine

A.   Obtaining Approval

Obtain the approval of the head of the department where the vending machine is to be installed.

B.   Preparing a Written Request

Prepare a written request, endorsed by the department head, and include the following information:

  • Product(s) to be offered (coffee, candy, soft drinks, etc.).

  • Whether a coin-operated or non-coin operated machine is desired.

  • Proposed location.

  • Name and phone number of departmental contact.

C.   Submitting the Request

Submit the request to the Housing and Food Services Office. Housing and Food Services will contact the person named in the request and arrange for the installation if it is feasible.

November 1983.