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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

Standards for Acceptance of Gifts in Place

(Approved by the Executive Vice President by authority of Administrative Order No. 9 and the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations by authority of Executive Order No. 62)

1.  Design

All design work shall be prepared by professional architects and engineers licensed in the state of Washington. All such work will be reviewed and approved by the University. Review comments of local governmental and state agencies shall also be incorporated into the final design.

2.  Contractors

It is anticipated that donors will engage licensed contractors to perform construction and installation work. Therefore, where these standards refer to "contractors" it is understood that the term includes contractors engaged by the donors.

Contractors performing construction work on the University of Washington campus must be licensed to engage in the type of work being performed as required by the Washington State Contractor Registration Statute (Chapter 18.27 RCW).

3.  Permits, Laws, and Regulations

All permits and licenses necessary for the prosecution of the work shall be secured and paid for by the donors, after review and approval of the application and accompanying documents by the University. Easements for permanent structures or permanent changes in existing facilities, if required, shall be secured and paid for by the University of Washington.

The donors, and any contractors engaged by the donors, shall comply with statutes and local ordinances regulating construction, safety and health requirements, and Chapter 39.12 RCW, "Prevailing Wages on Public Works."

4.  Liability Insurance

During the course of performance of construction or installation the donor must ensure that the contractor maintains liability insurance. The scope and amounts of liability insurance required will be based on the nature of the gift and required installation work, and specified by the University prior to acceptance of the gift by the Board of Regents. Work shall not be started until the required insurance has been obtained by the contractor and approved by the University.

5.  Hold Harmless

The donor and any contractors shall protect, indemnify, and save the University harmless from and against any damage, cost or liability for injury or death to persons, or damage or destruction of property, or liens filed against property, arising from the acts of the donors, contractors, subcontractors and their perspective agents and employees in the performance of work on the project. Risk of loss shall be the responsibility of the donor until the University accepts the installation as completed.

6.  Guarantees and Maintenance

The University expects to receive the normal equipment and product guarantees provided by manufacturers. The general standard in University construction contracts is one year, parts and labor, for any defects in materials and workmanship.

It is anticipated that a separate maintenance agreement will be prepared for each project covering the specific guarantees and any continuing maintenance responsibility included in the gift.

7.  Nondiscrimination

During the performance of work, the donor shall ensure that the contractor agrees as follows:

   #1 The contractor will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or the presence of any physical, sensory, or mental handicap, nor shall the contractor commit any of the other unfair practices defined in Chapter 49.60 RCW, the Washington State Law Against Discrimination.

   #2 The contractor will, in all solicitations or advertisements for employees placed by or on behalf of the contractor, state that all qualified applicants will be considered for employment, without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or the presence of any physical, sensory, or mental handicap.

   #3 The contractor will send to each labor union, employment agency, or representative of workers with which he has a collective bargaining agreement or other contract or understanding, a notice advising the labor union, employment agency, or worker's representative of the contractor's commitments under this section and Chapter 49.60 RCW, the Washington State Law Against Discrimination.

   #4 The contractor will include the provisions of clauses #1 through #3 above in every subcontract or purchase order, so that such provisions will be binding upon each subcontractor or vendor.

8.  Noncompliance

In the event of noncompliance by the donors with any of these Standards for Acceptance, the University shall have the right to cancel the project in whole or in part.

9.  Approvals

Acceptance of gifts in place must be approved by the head of the unit (dean, director) in which the gift will be located, the vice president to whom the unit reports, the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, and the Executive Vice President. (For gift appraisal rules and other gift processing guidelines, see the Office of Development & Alumni Relations website.)

10.  Additional Information

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  • Campus mail: Box 351210
  • Website

May 1, 2002.