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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

Policy on Access to Vessels Used For Scientific Research and Instruction

(Approved by the Provost by authority of Executive Order No. 4)

1.  Introduction

In conducting their scientific research programs and instruction of students, faculty in the various colleges and schools of the University of Washington sometimes require the usage of seagoing vessels. Vessels utilized in these endeavors are operated in accord with Research Vessel Safety Standards consistent with the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System and additional safety policies enunciated in college and school regulations. It is the foremost practice of the University to ensure the safe operation of these vessels and to secure the safety of their occupants.

In furthering these safety goals, the University has restricted access to vessels used in scientific research and instruction of students in accordance with the following guidelines. These guidelines shall apply in all instances where the University, or one of its college, schools, or other units, owns, operates, charters, or schedules a vessel for these purposes.

2.  Criteria for Access to Vessels

The following persons shall be permitted to be aboard a vessel, when it is not secured to the dock, which is under the control of the University and which is being used for scientific research and/or instructional purposes:

  • Persons who are employed for and actively involved in the operation of the vessel, or who are assigned to the vessel for purposes of maintenance or safety inspection;

  • Members of the faculty and scientific staff of the University actually performing scientific research studies or instructing students;

  • Students of the University of Washington who are registered for credit courses and who are engaged in research projects directly related to the scientific studies being undertaken aboard the vessel, or who are enrolled in the course for which instruction on the vessel is being proffered.

Other persons may be permitted to accompany the aforementioned University of Washington faculty, staff, and students on board a vessel only if:

  • Their direct participation is necessary to properly carry out the scientific experiment or project being conducted on the vessel and they have an historical relationship to the project, or they are actively involved in proffering instruction to students; and

  • They have been trained in the basic safety rules for the type of vessel and equipment to be used, and they agree, in writing, to follow all such safety rules and to hold the University harmless for any mishap which may occur as a result of their failure to adhere strictly to those safety rules; and

  • They have secured specific permission to be aboard from the dean of the college or school which controls the vessel, or his or her designee; and

  • They have secured adequate Field Trip insurance (provided through the Risk Management Office), or they have equivalent insurance coverage in effect.

Persons who do not have direct participative relationship with scientific research or instructional work being undertaken and who do not meet all of the above requirements shall not be permitted to board or accompany any University vessel when it is not secured to the dock.

May 1, 2002.