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A Message from Ujima Donalson, POD Executive Director

We often associate winter with hibernation, but few of us have the capacity or desire for a long period of dormancy. Instead, we can use the months where we tend to stay inside or stay closer to home as a time of growth and development, of preparing to blossom in the spring.

This winter POD has been preparing new development offerings for leaders and staff. For leaders, we are introducing SLP Level 2: Leadership Advantage, which I encourage you to explore in this issue. For staff, we are offering the annual Support Professionals Spring Retreat with a special mentoring panel, which you can read about in Mindy Kornberg’s article below. Read More

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Development On Demand
Ujima Donalson, Executive Director

I am thrilled to introduce our newest offering, SLP Level 2: Leadership Advantage, which we are presenting through a partnership with Skillsoft. Like other online learning platforms, Skillsoft delivers on-demand training and development via a cloud-based interface, and I believe the convenience and accessibility of this kind of just-in-time learning will appeal to UW leaders. What really impressed me about Leadership Advantage was its scope: dozens of distinct leadership tracks, each with a myriad of current, credible, focused, and insightful content.

For SLP alumni, Leadership Advantage is a resource to further develop each of the competencies taught in Level 1 of the Strategic Leadership Program. For established leaders who have mastered the fundamentals, Leadership Advantage offers self-directed learning to promote growth in targeted areas and assist with emerging challenges or needs. Read More

"One of the major character traits that you see with high EQ leaders…is a very broad perspective of what’s going on around them. So they’re very aware of what’s going on in the organization at large, with their team at large, with their peers; they’re very focused on other people." ~ Travis Bradberry, “Characteristics of High EQ Leaders,” Leadership Advantage video

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Unpacking a Track: The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Lee Davis, Training and Organizational Development Consultant

Leadership Advantage organizes its content into 41 tracks, each of which features a rich selection of assets in different formats or mediums. All tracks have a consistent organizational structure, making them easier to navigate as you gain familiarity. Once you launch a track, you’re taken to a summary page that includes a brief description of the track, a dashboard of The Essentials, an index, and related resources. This allows you to quickly evaluate a topic and jump to areas of interest.

As an example, with the track for The Emotionally Intelligent Leader, you’d be presented with the following screen. Read More

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Snapshot: Strategic Thinking

This content has been excerpted from the Core Message section of the Strategic Thinking track in Leadership Advantage. For each track, this section summarizes key learning points and serves as a succinct overview or introduction to a topic.

The Dynamics of Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is not a step-by-step process. It requires a degree of insight and reflection that is not always a natural part of business operations, and involves attributes from both operational and imaginative thinking.

Strategic thinking is linear as well as nonlinear. Linear thinking involves creating sequential relationships between things. It is logically patterned and deals with rules, analysis, and cause-effect predictability. Nonlinear thinking is about interconnectedness and involves intuitive assessments, creativity, innovation, and a holistic view of the organization. Linear thinking is important for organizational purposes. Nonlinear thinking involves imagining how events might affect a goal, then devising effective responses. Read More

"I think it’s very important for people to have a great sense of self-confidence, to be able to take risks, to be able to see failure in its eyes and know this is just something that they’re going to experience before they experience the next success." ~ Sujaya Banerjee, “The Power of Potential,” Leadership Advantage video

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Support Your Staff With the Spring Retreat
Mindy Kornberg, JD
Vice President, UW Human Resources

Since 2004, POD has been producing this phenomenal annual event for administrative support professionals at the UW. Not only does the Support Professionals Spring Retreat promote professional development, personal growth, and on-the-job success, this popular event at a world-class conference center provides managers with a meaningful way to recognize, reward, and develop staff.

As part of larger efforts to bolster retention, foster engagement, and enhance workplace culture across the University, UWHR is supporting POD in kicking off this year’s retreat, which takes place on April 18, with a special mentoring panel. The panel will also be live-streamed for everyone across the UW to watch. Read More


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