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New Driver Checklist

All of the following steps must be completed for new CDL drivers. The links will take you to detailed information about how the step is performed.

Arrange for pre duty background screen for all new CDL drivers

Have applicant complete the appropriate form with the drug testing history questions required by 49CFR

  1. Form for drivers who were employees
  2. Form for drivers who were self employed or owner operators

Arrange for a pre duty drug test for all new CDL drivers.

Assuming that the background screen and pre duty test are ok and the person is appointed:

Provide the employee with a printed copy of Administrative Policy Statement 13.8.

Provide the employee with a printed copy of the employee education material on the effects of alcohol and drugs.

Obtain a signed and dated receipt from the employee confirming the receipt of the Administrative Policy Statement 13.8 and the employee education material. The signed receipt must be retained as specified in Records Retention and Confidentiality.

Units may provide these materials to temporary employees for the duration of their appointment.