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Quality Improvement in Financial Management at the University of Washington

Vol 1, No. 2
Summer 2002

WSQA—Promoting and Recognizing Quality

Musical Dashboards – The Summer Event

Procurement Card Team Marks Two-Year Achievements

A Short History of Quality
from 10,000 BC to the Present Day



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Musical Dashboards—The Summer Event

by Chris Malins

A beautiful but windy afternoon played host to this year’s summer event. The 2002 event took place on September 9th in the Physics courtyard. Members of Financial Management from far and wide came together to socialize, listen to music and look at each department’s QI dashboard. While staff browsed and enjoyed the day, busy EIT members served fresh fruit and beverages and the always helpful RQT team assisted with the set up.

The crowd was entertained by two musical performances by Margo Murphy, Bill Christensen, Mary Jo Hershly and Chris Malins. The band performed a four song set that included such favorites as “Stepstone,” “This Land is Your Land” and “City of New Orleans.” The group was accompanied by the immense talents of Greg Canote (yes, THE Greg Canote) on the fiddle.

Prizes were also given out to lucky Fin Man staffers. Each half hour, a University Book Store gift certificate was awarded to a person whose name was drawn randomly. To assure fairness, three people participated in each drawing. Congratulations to the winners!

Although pleasure was the business of the day, people did find time to review each department’s dashboard. The poster board displays showing the progress each office has made in identifying key processes & measures were first rolled out at the Leaders Event in June, but this was the first time that the entire division had a chance to see them.

Each dashboard laid out the challenges faced in developing measures, ways that the challenges have been met and the future plans for keeping each dashboard updated and constantly improving.

With the perfect blend of food, music and conversation, no one left the Summer Event unhappy.

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