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Quality Improvement in Financial Management at the University of Washington

Vol 1, No. 2
Summer 2002









Compiled by Sharon Langlois

Ruchi Aggarwal, GCA: You have been a delight to work with while we are trying to work through some long standing issues with the Research Media Center. Elizabeth Zickler, Administrator, Medical Service, HMC.

John Cady, GCA: You are always very quick to respond and always very helpful. Myrna Izidor, Allergy & Infectious Diseases.

Miriam Garvey and Mark Landis, SFS: I want to tell you how impressed I was with their willingness to help with the training in SDB. Dialogue is essential for reducing frustration in the occasional user and from the moment we walked through the door they epitomized customer service in the fullest sense of the word. It was a wonderful experience, thank you. Jeri Staley-Earnst, Administrative Director, BioE/UWEB

Mary Girgis, GCA: You have been consistently processing advance requests the day of receipt or the day after. This dependability has greatly enhanced our ability to manage payroll in support of our projects. Doug Mounce, Associate Administrator for Research and Finance, Dept. of Pediatrics.

Yee Lam, Payroll: I appreciate all your help in arranging my tax exemption. Mark Fry, Pathology.

Sharon Langlois, Payroll: Thank you for helping me resolve this matter long distance from Alaska. It is great to be paid again, and have my overpayment paid off in a pretty painless manner. Brian Zwiebel, M.S. Student, Social Sciences.

Sharon Langlois and Anna Mirza, Payroll: Thank you both so much for your help, we pulled the direct deposit in the nick of time, saving us all time and rework. Mark Ondrake, Otolaryngology.

Amy Liu, Payables Administration: I have been fortunate to be assigned to work with Amy, and I appreciate the opportunity to express my appreciation and to let you know how much I enjoy working with her. Maria Virgne, Higher Ed Collections, Dell Computer

Pam Luther, SFS: Thank you so much for all your help and diligence throughout my “consolidation ordeal.” If more people in Schmitz Hall had been like you I never would have left UW. Thank you. Stephanie Davies, a very satisfied customer.

Anna Mirza, Payroll: Thank you very much for your customer service support to expedite the check. Good customer service helps to reduce the frustration for the employee when their check is missing and there are no apparent or clear answers to the problem. Jenny Miller, Fiscal Manager Medicine/Cardiology.

Margo Murphy, GCA: You are consistently a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your reply. Donald Kunz, Program Coordinator, Division of Oncology.

Thanh Nguyen, Payables Administration: Thank you once again for your ongoing exemplary customer service effort and attitude. Your effectiveness in processing the 2002 vehicle purchases resulted in direct savings of approximately $10,000 for UW. David Carr, Manager, Motor Pool Operations.

Cece Redila, Payables Administration: I want to express my great satisfaction in our dealings. She is prompt, accurate, professional and pleasant as can be to deal with. If you’d like to tuck this little message into her personnel file, that would be great. David Fenner, Assistant Vice Provost for International Education, Office of International Programs & Exchanges.

Payables Administration: The staff is very helpful and made the process as smooth as it could possible for us, and we are must appreciative and would like to thank them all and tell them how grateful we are. Mary Melanson, Director of Finance & Administration, Dean's Office, Arts & Sciences.

Ping Tan, Payroll: Thanks very much for the information and your expert assistance in these changing times. Julie Van Tosh, Administrative Assistant, Division of Cardiology.

The new Directions: Good format, easy to use and interesting to read, thanks! Richard Chapman, Associate Vice President For Capital Projects, Capital Projects Office.

The new Directions: Very nice. Congratulations and thanks for continuing to share with us. Harlan Patterson, Vice Provost for Planning and Budgeting, Planning and Budgeting.

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