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NEW! Online SDB Training

Online training is available from Student Fiscal Services to help departments learn how to navigate the fiscal screens in the Student Data Base (SDB) system:


This document is a guide to the online Student Database System on and is an accompaniment to the SDB - Student Database class.

This document teaches you how to:

  • Locate demographic information about a student or applicant
  • Follow the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which governs the release of Student Directory Information and Disclosure of Student Records
  • Find a student's schedule, transcript, registration transactions, and other academic information
  • Find information about courses such as meeting times and locations, class status, or students registered
  • Register students in classes

Table of Contents

  1. The SDB Main Menu, The SDB Student Inquiry Menu (HELPSI), Moving Around in the Student Inquiries, Requesting Data
  2. Security - Release of Student Directory Information and Disclosure of Student Records - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  3. Demographic Information ­ Student/Applicant Locator, Former Names Inquiry, Student Data Inquiry
  4. Registration Information ­ Student Schedule Inquiry, Departmental Registration, Registration Transactions, Course Restrictions
  5. Transcript Information ­ Transcript Inquiry, Custom Selections, High School Inquiry, Extension/Exam Inquiry, Transfer Courses, UW Degrees , U W Certificates, Future Control
  6. Class Offerings and Lists ­ Time Schedule Inquiry, Section Status Inquiry, General Education Requirements, Class Lists
  7. Applicant Inquiries ­ Student/Applicant Locator, Application Inquiry, Requirements/Deficiencies, Test Scores , Prior Schools
  8. Reference ­ Registration Screen Messages, Class Year Codes, Special Program Codes, Custom Selection Codes
  9. Tips and Hints for SDB
  10. Student Database Index--reference list of SDB information, by topic
  11. Student Database Screens--reference list of the information available on each screen
  12. Additional In-Depth SDB Resources

Correcting Access to a Course, Student, or Screen
Email to Mary Dolan,