Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are only posting summer work study positions at this time. Please check back later as we will post updates regarding the work study program, and job listings as they become available. Typically new job listings will be posted after Labor Day. 

We realize that your work study situation may have been drastically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you can no longer work at your work study job, or if you have experienced a decrease in hours, please contact our office as we may be able to offer additional financial aid assistance to replace or supplement your work study award. Please send us an email at workstdy@uw.edu.

To apply

Contact the individual employers to apply for a job. You will need a Work Study Award Verification Form from the Work Study Office which verifies your eligibility. Bothell and Tacoma students can pick up a Work Study Award Verification Form from the Financial Aid offices at their campus.

Your employer will complete and return this form to the Work Study Office when you have been hired. The original must be returned to the Work Study Office so that we have a record of you being hired. It is very important that this form be returned to us before you start working. For students who worked full-time in the summer and wish to continue in autumn quarter, a new Award Verification form will be required.

Please keep in mind that Work Study is only one type of job. There are non-Work Study positions on-campus and other part-time employment jobs off-campus. Handshake is the UW’s online job and internship database.

Search Jobs

The Work Study Office continuously collects job descriptions from potential Work Study employers. There are a variety of jobs available and usually more jobs than applicants. You may choose which positions to pursue; some may have appeal because of flexible hours, some because they offer career-related experience, some because of convenient on-campus locations.

Of particular interest to many students are the community service and America Reads with Pipeline positions. These off-campus jobs offer you the opportunity to work for local schools and other community non-profit agencies and organizations, providing direct service to their clientele. If you are thinking about service career you can gain invaluable exposure or experience in such fields as counseling, tutoring/mentoring, public health, recreation, therapeutic child-care, among others.

Summer job listings will be available in the Work Study Office in mid June. Jobs for the academic year (autumn through spring) will be available after September 1.


If you have any questions or need to check your eligibility, contact the Work Study Office via email at workstdy@uw.edu.