Social Groups

Would you like to connect with other UW faculty and staff? Check out this list of interest and affinity groups:

  • Asian & Pacific Islander American Faculty & Staff Association at the UW - We are calling all faculty and staff at the University of Washington who are interested in participating in this group! Our membership is open, free, and we encourage you to participate! We need to hear your ideas about what you would like this group to be.
  • Black Faculty & Staff Association – The mission of the University of Washington Black Faculty and Staff Association is to foster a greater sense of community and mutual support among the Black faculty and staff of the University through mentoring and networking in an effort to provide an organized support system that will enhance the cultural diversity within the University, as well as enhance and support the academic mission of the University.
  • UWB Campus Garden Committee - Our goal is to turn unused campus space into a space where everyone can learn, socialize, study, and create a sense of space at University of Washington Bothell
  • Chi Running & Chi Walking at UW-Seattle - Chi Running is a technique that takes the central movement principles of Tai Chi and combines them with the sport of running, shifting the workload towards the core muscles and giving the legs a rest. Learn and practice proper form to reduce injuries and increase enjoyment!
  • Euchre Lovers - Grab a deck of cards and let’s play! Open to all faculty, staff, and students.
  • Heavy Metal Caucus - Free kettlebell instruction for UW faculty & staff
  • Knitting Club - Interested in meeting once per month to knit together and share tips? Please join! All faculty & staff welcome. Currently meet in UW Health Sciences building, but location could rotate based on interest.
  • Latino/a Faculty & Staff Association – Join us in celebrating our culture, giving voice to the concerns of the Latino/a community on campus, and making a contribution to creating a welcoming learning and work environment at the University of Washington.
  • Native Faculty & Staff Association – The Native Faculty and Staff Association seeks to focus on initiatives specifically related to the well being of the University of Washington’s Native Faculty and Staff.
  • Ovations - Ovations is a private performance event dedicated to self-expression. Poetry, music, dance, monologues…the choice is yours. Use this group page to post your work and let our community in on your talents. You can keep track of your colleagues and their artistic endeavors, and receive information about upcoming, live events featuring UW faculty and staff.
  • Q Faculty & Staff - Q Faculty & Staff is your employee LBGTQ and allies affinity group at the University of Washington.
  • The Whole U Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Team – Making endurance training fun with motivational tips, training updates, favorite trails, and funny pics! Let’s train for Seattle Rock ‘n Roll together!
  • UW Medicine Cycling Club - A recreational cycling club for cycling enthusiasts of all abilities. Open to all of UW, not just those in the medical field. We have an official Jersey so let us know if you would like to order one.

If you know of a group that should be added to this list, please contact Margaret Murray.

If you’d like to start a social group, we’ve created toolkit to make it easier. Facebook is a natural place to start because so many people are already on the site. Instructions for starting a Facebook group are here. You can chose to make the group fully public, invitation-only, or require administrator approval for each new member. Just be aware that social interest groups are subject to the University’s social media guidelines. Even though you’re connecting with coworkers, we encourage you to create and maintain your group’s social media presence in your off hours.